Body Lyrics is a business built upon a foundation of love, healing, and positive intent. We take great pride in creating harmonizing, fragrant products that you won't just like, but will surely love.

Our handcrafted items are not merely candles and body products. We consider them works of art made especially for you and your loved ones.


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aromatic scents

Our products are created using pure essential oils.

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For your room and home

We have an array of wonderful items from handcrafted candles, fragrances to scent and beautify your home, and diffusers.

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For Your Skin and Body

We also have exciting body butters and oils, signature fragrances, bath salts and gels, and more.

Personalized for You


At Body Lyrics, we provide you with a consultation regarding the special blend of your customized fragrance. Consult with us about high vibration healing, and how our vibrational services can clear a particular space or environment from emotional stress and toxic energies.





White Tea

We're having a tea party and you're cordially invited as our special guest! This handmade soy candle comes brewed up with gobs of goodness and heaps of healing potential. Enter a state of profound relaxation as you take in the rejuvenating herbal scent of white tea warmed with hints of sandalwood and indulgent touches of bergamot.

Topical Zen

This handmade soy candle takes your senses on a scent-sational trip to a secluded tropical oasis! Transport to the lush lands of the Amazon as you take in the fresh and fruity fragrance distributed by our Tropical Zen blend. Boosted with soothing lavender and calming chamomile, the aroma is enticingly exotic and exquisitely enigmatic.


Like a fairy tale love story fated by the whims of universal attraction, the scent of this handmade all natural candle captures the exhilaration and eagerness of a new romance. A sultry selection that aromatically inspires passion, the blend consists of musky undertones highlighted by notes of mandarin. It's actually quite poetic.

Mediterranean Pear

Sail the picturesque shores of the Mediterranean basin without stepping a foot off dry land. Inspired by sea breeze mixed with ripe pear and tasteful tinges of spice for warmth, this fruity favorite puts forth a robust scent that meticulously masters the allure of Europe's hottest spot to yacht hop.


Like a glass of fine wine, this handmade candle delivers an experience that can only be described as simply divine. Set aside some me-time and allow yourself a moment to unwind. Fresh and floral but tempered with the smoothness of sweet wood, the scent slowly unfurls to carry you into a daydream.